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Knee Injuries

Collateral Ligament Injuries

Collateral ligament sprains of the knee are common. The ligaments run down either side of the knee joint (medial – inside, lateral – outside) and give the knee stability when it is bent. Injury can range from a few torn fibres to complete rupture.

The mechanism of injury is more commonly from a direct blow or fall, though the medial collateral ligament (MCL) can suffer from overuse injury. Initial treatment consists of Rest Ice Compression and Elevation. Gentle range of movement exercises after the first 24-48 hours should be commenced to prevent adhesions in scar tissue.

If symptoms do not settle quickly and swelling persists it would be advisable to see your GP or Physiotherapist for an opinion. These injuries usually respond promptly and well to physiotherapy and sports specific rehabilitation.

Anterior Knee Pain

Often caused by inflammation of the patella tendon or soreness on the under surface of the knee cap, due to poor movement of the knee cap over the joint. Pain is felt at the front of the knee and sometimes either side of the knee cap.

Symptoms are aggravated by squatting, sitting for long periods, stairs and kneeling. Anterior knee pain responds very well to physiotherapy but requires a lot of commitment with home exercises and stretches, along with a very specific set of strengthening and core stability exercises.

Sports massage to help loosen tight thigh muscles is also often helpful, as can biomechanical assessment.

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